Manuscript Assessment Service

Are you interested in improving your book prior to publication?

Wheatmark’s Manuscript Assessment service provides you with a professional evaluation of your unpublished manuscript.

A senior-level editor will review your manuscript and provide you with feedback in the following areas:

Manuscript Assessment Feedback and Recommendations 

  • Writing

    Is the writing polished? Does it feel professional or amateurish? How common are clunky sentences that need editing? Do wordy, repetitive sections need trimming? Is the text consistent or contradictory? Is the word usage (clichés, metaphors, idioms) effective or problematic? Is the point of view (POV) of the characters used well? Are the arc of the characters and the arc of the story appropriate? Are the characters well defined and appealing?

  • Voice and Tone

    Is the narrator’s voice authentic, compelling, engaging, irritating? What is the tone of the book (formality, use of first or second person, humor, etc.)? Does the tone fit the piece?

Manuscript Assessments start at $599 and are typically completed in three to five weeks.

Call 1-888-934-0888 ext. 106 or send an email to if you have questions or to discuss ordering an assessment.