I want to express my sincere thanks to your organization – specifically to your Publishing Consultant and your Project Manager that handled my book.

Your Publishing Consultant represents your organization exceedingly well. As a salesperson, he was never the least bit pushy. On the contrary, he always courteously followed my lead and addressed my concerns – with integrity. Your organization then made good on all his promises.

Your Project Manager totally knocked it out of the park. Her professionalism, communication skills, and customer service ethos are exemplary.

Dan Borgen, A Mystery to be Lived
Wheatmark is a pleasure to work with. Everyone is professional and supportive through all of the steps that it takes to get your finished book in hand. Additionally, I’ve found the people at Wheatmark to be great resources for the latest information on self-publishing, including how to get started marketing your book. Their business model is the best I’ve found. As an author who has been with two major publishing houses in the past, my experience working with Wheatmark is the best by far!
Nina Atwood, Temptations of the Single Girl
Wheatmark delivered all services promptly. When I next publish, I wouldn’t think of looking elsewhere for a publisher. I hope to continue my relationship with Wheatmark through their Authors Academy.
Ernest Schusky, In Saguaro's Shadow
Wheatmark was able to take the book I wrote, add their expertise, and bring it to fruition as a professional book. Wheatmark freed me to do what I do best: write. Also, Wheatmark offers strategies and resources for marketing my books that will save me time and frustration.
Brad McIntyre, The Future? From Doomsday Myths to Christian Hope
The Author’s Academy is a truly unique and important service, especially for new authors.
Geetha Ravindra, Shaadi Remix
When I decided to self-publish my book, I spent over a month researching POD publishers. Since I had already published a book with Wiley, I was familiar with book publishing and wanted a professional partner. After my extensive research, I chose Wheatmark for the following reasons:

* Restrained sales hype by the staff and on the Wheatmark website
* Honest, straightforward advice on the opportunities, pitfalls, and tactics for marketing my book
* Industry standard discounts and return policy
* Competitive pricing
* Great Expectations

What I discovered after choosing Wheatmark:

* Highly professional editing, proofreading, and design
* A surprising flexibility to meet the needs of an author
* An arrangement with Amazon that allows Amazon to offer steep discounts
* Performance that exceeds expectations and meets the service descriptions

I’m about to publish my second book with Wheatmark and I’m convinced that they’re the best in the industry. Thanks a million.

James D. Best, The Shopkeeper
My experience with Wheatmark has been a true blessing. [They] have gone out of their way to help me both before and after publication. The final product was very professional and completed in a timely manner. Most importantly, there were no surprises.
Chuck Benigno, Ph.D., Excellence or Survival?
I literally started working with Wheatmark several years before my book was finally ready to be published. During that time, I was never pressured to finish anything or to move at a faster pace. Even after considerable time had passed … I was able to pick right back up where I left off as if no time had passed at all. That to me is big! I felt like I was in good hands the entire time, and not having to worry about what to do next or how to do it was worth every penny.
Elle Bennett, The Price: A Romantic Novel
My experience with Wheatmark was even better than expected. The product is exemplary and working with the people at Wheatmark has been a delight. I recommend them highly.
Evelyne Tannehill, Abandoned and Forgotten
My experience was 100% positive! [My account manager] was pleasant, professional and above all, extremely talented. I was totally satisfied with the finished product and would absolutely publish my next book with Wheatmark and recommend the same to other authors. Thanks to Wheatmark for a job well-done.
Alan Ellman, Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing
I don’t think of Wheatmark solely as the publisher of my book of essays. I think of them as the persons I have worked with and come to enjoy and trust… The quality of my book speaks for itself in the resultant product of our mutual consultations… [W]hen one looks at the ethical standards of Wheatmark, above all, and their insistence on “getting it right” and the satisfaction of the author, I think Wheatmark stands tall.
Don L. Nickerson, The Healing of Teddy Bears
I have been impressed by everyone I have worked with at Wheatmark. I found them responsive and invested in producing a quality book. The editors were knowledgeable suggesting edits that clearly strengthened the story. They are professionals who always treated my manuscript with respect. I would choose Wheatmark again without hesitation.
Paula Sline, Unveiled
I have published 12 books … and I never had a better production experience. Best of all, the books are turning out to be well done. We had a problem with one batch, but it is resolved, and it looks like that won’t be repeated. So, I am extremely pleased, and am definitely going to consider Wheatmark as an alternative in the future.
David Aaker, From Fargo to the World of Brands

Wheatmark made the dream of honoring my father come true! I can’t thank you and the team enough for your professionalism and patience with a novice author. It is hard to believe we only signed the contract in September and already I have my book in hand. Amazing. Yet, I never felt pressured. Indeed, I took my time at several key steps. As I had planned, I slept with my first copy last night!

Judy Ikels, Death in Wartime China
Without question, Wheatmark was essential to helping me build a career as a fiction writer. Your team made it easy and cost effective for me to bring my first novel to life. Today, I am represented by Larry Kirshbaum, one of the most powerful agents in the industry. I sold my second novel to BookSpan, the largest bookclub operator in the world and have signed a deal with Hachette (formerly Warner) Books.
Goldie Taylor, In My Father's House
The books are here already!! WOW that is amazing. Thank you so much. My husband said, “Seems like at every step they have outperformed expectations sooner than anticipated!” I love it!
Mary Bea Sullivan, Living Awake: Forty Days Toward Renewal
I looked into a number of companies in deciding who would be the best one to publish my autobiography. Wheatmark was far and above all others in their field in their professionalism, in understanding your needs, and in their on-time commitment to giving you the best possible product. I give Wheatmark the highest rating!
James S. Avery, Sr., Others Thought I Could Lead
I felt a whole team was behind me. And, Wheatmark made me go back to school to review publishing, marketing and selling. I like this because I’ve been published by MacMillan, London, England, and I’ve never had this type of detailed attention to the whole process geared at making me better at all aspects of getting my book ready for the public.
Yasmin John-Thorpe, A New Home for the Qs
The results in having an exquisitely designed and published book exceeded my expectations… Each person I dealt with knew exactly how the publishing process would proceed.

I realize more and more as I see other self-published and/or publishing service books, just how professional and detail-oriented Wheatmark is.

Ethel Lee-Miller, Seedlings: Stories of Relationships
I’m very grateful that I found Wheatmark when I was searching for publishing companies for my book. You have been consistently professional, helpful, accessible, and friendly before, during, and even after the publication, which is very important to me. You are there, rooting for your authors. Thank you!
Elmdea Bean, Liberating Incarnations

Before signing with Wheatmark I had a contract with a traditional publisher but for a variety of reasons they never published my book. During that contract period I researched other options and spoke to several publishers. I was most impressed with the people I spoke to at Wheatmark and consequently chose them. The Wheatmark experience has exceeded my expectations in every way. Book sales are brisk, I’m working on the sequel and plan to use Wheatmark for the second book.

Stan Crader, The Bridge
I selected Wheatmark following the recommendation of a friend who told me of her good experience working with that company. I was impressed with the quality of the product they produced and encouraged by the praise they were given by my friend. I am very pleased to report that I had a similar experience. Everything was handled expeditiously…. I can and do recommend Wheatmark to all authors who wish to see their work skillfully prepared and beautifully published.
Betty Joyce Colgate, Homily Grits and all the Fixin's
I like the professional manner in the way business is conducted … the friendly attitude [Wheatmark] presents [and] I am delighted in the way questions are answered promptly and with detailed instructions.
Archie J. Hoagland, The Mystery of Sorrows
Having never published a book before, I was more than a little intimidated by the process. Wheatmark’s professionalism made it easy. When my next effort is completed there is no question where I will turn for publishing.
Elton Cowart, I Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore
Compared to other publishers, I found Wheatmark offers authors the most options for turning manuscripts into highly marketable products. After reviewing a sample of several copyedited pages of my book, I decided to go this route. It was by far the most worthwhile money I could have spent. A highly trained copyeditor looked at far more than grammatical elements and sentence structure. This individual examined the content closely in terms of consistency, logic, story line, and character development, discovering any weaknesses in style and presenting several pages of recommendations. As a former English teacher, I was astounded at the revisions I had ahead of me, but I went to work and found that a much stronger manuscript emerged.
Ann Lain, Crested Butte Dreams