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Sam Henrie founded Wheatmark to give independent authors a viable alternative to the traditional publishing route. His solution: combine digital printing technologies and Internet-based distribution channels with the talents and expertise of experienced publishing professionals. This approach makes a trade-quality publishing experience available to independent authors at a fraction of the time, effort, and money they’d spend doing it on their own.

Wheatmark also help clients build their author platforms online, pitch their projects to agents, and set up their own publishing companies, if they prefer to take that route.

To date we’ve published more than 1,700 titles and we’re proud to say that the majority of our business comes from referrals and satisfied Wheatmark clients who return to publish their second or third (and sometimes more) books with us!

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What Is Wheatmark?

We’re a team of book-publishing professionals dedicated to helping authors compete more effectively in today’s marketplace.

Meet Our Team

Sam Henrie
Sam HenriePresident and Founder
Prior to founding Wheatmark in 1999, Sam worked in a variety of management roles in the personal computer networking industry in Tucson and Amsterdam. A past president of the Arizona Book Publishing Association, Sam is a frequent speaker and writer on the subjects of book marketing, book publicity, and independent publishing.
Lori Conser
Lori ConserSenior Project Manager
Lori has helped publish hundreds of titles since joining Wheatmark in 2004. Prior to then she worked as an editor, reporter, layout designer, and photographer for a newspaper in Northern California.

Lori holds a BA in information and communication studies with an emphasis in journalism, as well as a double minor in creative writing and political science from California State University, Chico.

Lori enjoys playing tennis, riding her bike, and spending time with her parents and her three adult children. She has one grandchild.

Tia Lewis
Tia LewisPublishing Consultant
Before Tia moved to Tucson and joined Wheatmark as a Publishing Consultant in 2019, she had the opportunity to intern at NYC literary agency Donadio & Olson as well as imprint Weinstein Books. While in New York, Tia was able to work with authors such as Chuck Palahniuk and Dick Van Dyke on manuscripts that spanned from literary fiction to memoir.

Tia graduated from Cornell University in New York with a BA in English, concentration in Creative Writing, and minors in Film and Communication.

When she isn’t reading, writing, or editing, she enjoys spending her time singing, playing with her two cats, taking photos, and creating videos.

Lorraine Elder
Lorraine ElderAccount Manager
In 2019 Lorraine joined Wheatmark as an Account Manager and factotum. She previously held roles at Intuit, IBM, Northern Arizona University, and other organizations, working in software development, online education, and technical and academic publishing. She also freelanced as a web designer, editor, and publication designer, and is a certified user experience (UX) professional.

She holds an MS in Technical Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, and a BA in Public Communications from the University of Alaska.

Lorraine enjoys good food, gardening, and staying active.

Mark Dupaul
Mark DupaulPublishing Consultant
Mark started working with Wheatmark in 2021. His previous experience includes a variety of management roles in the medical, technology, and energy markets as well as a tour of duty in the United States Air Force. Mark’s work has taken him from oil platforms off the coasts of Mexico and Venezuela to small villages in India, China, and Japan, and cities throughout Europe.

Mark holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys mountain biking, cooking, and the thrills of a good book.

Our Clients

Wheatmark clients come from every walk of life and every corner of the globe, publishing on a wide variety of subjects. Among our authors you’ll find business leaders, politicians, educators, athletes, lawyers, medical professionals, scientists, artists, homemakers, journalists, students, retirees, and of course, writers. Our clients publish in categories as diverse as arts, business, health, self-help, history, how-to, memoir, inspirational, fiction, and many more.

Customer Satisfaction

At Wheatmark we’re committed to providing the highest level of customer service in our industry.

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