A Mystery to Be Lived


Dan Borgen is a former professional jazz musician, management consultant, yoga teacher, and walrus keeper. His first book, What’s That? is a collection of offbeat artwork in oil, acrylic, bronze, mosaic, clay, and other media.


All author proceeds from this book are donated to the Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps in New York City.

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“Reading this beautiful little book was like spending a magical weekend with a dear friend.

I will return to its pages again and again to enjoy the thrill of seeing the world I thought I knew in a dazzlingly different light.”

— Tamsin Wolf, Former Vice President at Merrill Lynch and Assistant General Counsel at Time Warner


Why were we born? What happens after we die? And how can we figure out everything that occurs in between?

A Mystery to Be Lived answers precisely zero of these questions. Instead, it riffs on a variety of key human experiences with curiosity, wonder, and a healthy dose of skepticism — inspiring us to draw our own conclusions . . .

. . . or at least have fun pondering.


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