A Physician’s Apology: Are WE Making You Sick?


Thomas Schneider, MD

Dr. Thomas Schneider is a former Navy fighter pilot and Vietnam War veteran. He attended medical school at Georgetown University and continued his training at some of the world’s most prestigious facilities, including Harvard, Bethesda Naval Hospital, Johns Hopkins, and the National Institute of Health, in addition to the rare distinction of being board-certified in five medical specialties. He currently resides in Pensacola, Florida, with his wife and youngest daughter.

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In A Physician’s Apology, Dr. Tom Schneider exposes medical myths and urges readers to take responsibility for their own health, all while unveiling this truth: there are practical and proven steps that can be taken toward living a healthier, longer, and, yes … happier life. No stranger to personal health issues himself, Dr. Tom has devoted decades of exhaustive exploration and research into what really works—and what does not—when it comes to healing, rejuvenating, and regenerating mind and body.

From his unique vantage point as patient, doctor, and tireless researcher, he simplifies the science behind health and wellness with great humor and unsurpassed expertise, and he has more than a few apologies to make on behalf of the medical establishment.


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