Darkness Overturned



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Abuse and women have gone hand in hand from the beginning of recorded history. Darkness Overturned is a beautifully written, heart-stopping story about a young woman in modern times struggling to break free of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, and the resulting ravages on her inner being. A spiritual odyssey, it is a story about kidnapping, murder, and too many marriages. Startlingly poignant, with a raw self-honesty, persistent courage, and child-like faith in God, it is a must-read for women who have survived abuse and are in the process of healing from it, or anyone who cares about or has someone in their life who is struggling to overcome personal trauma. Darkness Overturned is a hope-filled book that will challenge and inspire the reader.

WARNING: Reading this book may change your life. It may give you courage to move beyond the circumstances in which you feel you are trapped, and that is never easy.


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