Detroit Time Capsule


Literary Classics gold medal award-winning author Gregory A. Fournier received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Language Arts from Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. A writer of creative nonfiction, his books include The Elusive Purple Gang, Zug Island, Terror In Ypsilanti, and The Richard Streicher Jr. Murder. Fournier writes short history posts for his blog, and he has appeared on the Investigation Discovery Channel as a guest expert on serial killer John Norman Collins for the series A Crime to Remember in an episode titled “A New Kind of Monster.”

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Detroit Time Capsule is a collection of seventy-five articles that first appeared as blog posts. The original posts have been revised and re-edited for inclusion in this anthology. Topics vary from significant historical events to biographical profiles of people who left their mark on Detroit history. Although this collection can be read from beginning to end, most chapters are self-contained with no narrative thread binding them. This eclectic collection makes a great springboard for readers interested in learning more about Detroit’s rich past.


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