Legina Jackson is a wife, mother, and lover of nature. She has dedicated her life to volunteering and working with children through various organizations and programs and has received several awards for her many years of service volunteering with school-aged children in the Learning for Life Program. She has also focused on assisting disabled persons as a mentor. When she is not reading or writing, she is a member of her Christian congregation. Her other interests include historical structures, marble collecting and research, and water towers. She resides in Savannah, Georgia, with her husband and family.

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Layna has worked hard to overcome her tumultuous past of abuse, neglect, and chaotic childhood, devoting herself to being the almost-perfect wife, daughter, sister, friend, and church member. In spite of her wholesome lifestyle, jealousy and revenge invade her life.

Only a year into her marriage and Layna starts receiving mysterious notes from an unnamed woman claiming to be having a relationship with her husband. He adamantly objects to being unfaithful to her. So, who could be coming between her and her happily-ever-after?

Could her two stepsisters who recently moved to town have something to do with it? She had never been close with them. Revenge, stalking, and even death play key roles in the dangerous predicament Layna finds herself in. Who can she trust? Who can she turn to? Can she escape her past once and for all?

In order to survive, she must contend with envy — one of the seven deadly sins. Get swept away by the intrigue and betrayal in this work of Christian fiction, the second book in the Life Is But a Dream Trilogy.


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