Feed Our Students Well: 18 Customer Service Concepts for Public School Food Service


Kelly E. Middleton is the superintendent of Newport Public Schools in Northern Kentucky. He regularly speaks, trains, and consults with educators across the country. He has over thirty years of experience in education, including twenty-three years in public school administration. Middleton is the author and coauthor of three other books on customer service in public schools.

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Imagine a school district where the cafeteria is the central hub for staff and students to hang out as a respite from normal daily school activities, where food service managers and directors get students excited about the cafeteria on social media, and where parents and students do not even consider bringing a meal from home because of the quality and choices offered in their school cafeteria.

In his last book, Competing for Kids, Kelly E. Middleton explained how customer service concepts from the business world can help public schools attract and retain students. Now, in this follow-up book, Kelly directs his attention entirely on the food service department.

Feed Our Students Well serves up 18 customer service concepts for school leaders and food service employees to deliver the very best nutrition, atmosphere and facilities to students.
In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How food, employee attitudes, facilities, school culture, and leadership can be given a customer service boost to improve student satisfaction in the cafeteria
  • How public schools can learn from industry best practices to compete with the current competitive educational climate
  • How customer service in a school’s food service department can play a major role in overall student happiness and school culture.


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