Finding My Banana Bread Man


John Davis

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When a person you love is terminally ill, you wish and wish for   their pain to go away. You even pray for it. Then the cold reality   of death stares you in the face, and you start praying for   something new—one more day with them, one more hour, one more minute—and you would give anything to have it.

When John R. Davis lost his life partner—fondly called his   Banana Bread Man—to brain cancer, he also lost himself. He   wondered how his world could ever be anything other than gray. Jack had been the one to bring color into his life.

How could Davis expect to experience joy again without his mate   of twenty-seven years? How would he survive the loss of Jack’s magnanimous presence? Did he even want to survive?

Finding My Banana Bread Man is a love story that:

  • guides people mourning the loss of a loved one
  • takes them through shock, despair, and loneliness
  • inspires all those who support them in their life-changing journeys

Embracing his partner’s memory through “tiny deeds of good action,” poetry, letters, and scholarships helped Davis transcend grief. More than that, he was finally able to reconnect with the person he used to be before Jack died. Today, he dedicates his life to helping those who are suffering after the premature deaths of their spouses, mates, or partners.


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