Four Days


Santiago has shared romantic stories for many years that have renewed and repaired the broken hearts of his listeners. He decided to publish Four Days after being convinced by his listeners to write his stories down and share them with a wider audience. His hope is that this story will open the understanding of each reader’s own love story so that love once shared in the past, will matter again today. To contact Santiago, email

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Sylvia Tello is the kind of person who spreads joy wherever she goes. Compassionate and empathetic, she has a knack for helping those in pain find a path to healing. But three years after the death of her husband, Rolando, she’s consumed by grief, unable to attain the peace of mind she’s provided for so many others.

When Sylvia travels to Sint Maarten to capture the life-long dream she had with her husband, the serene beauty of the island only reminds her of what she’s lost. But her focus soon shifts when she meets Sarah Sandoval, a bright, ambitious young widow whose sorrow mirrors her own. In the next four days, they begin a journey with the courage to share secrets, dreams, memories, entering the darkness of what they wanted to forget, now becoming the light of what they need to understand. Asking both the living and the dead: will the endless longing for what was ever be the vision for what can become?

In turns heartbreaking and hopeful, Four Days explores a love that remains in the deepest corner of each person’s heart, where embers of that love are the moments that continue to surface, reminding us that in order to move forward, we must return to where it all began.


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