The Great Prajna Paramita Sutra, Volume 1 translated by Naichen Chen


Naichen Chen, PhD, is a retired professor of philosophy, Buddhism, and education. His previous works include a translation of The Samdhinirmocana Sutra from Classical Chinese to English and six books in Chinese on education and religion. He will publish volumes two through eighteen of The Great Prajna Paramita Sutra over the next three years.

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praj·na: transcendental wisdom

pa·ra·mi·ta: ferrying over to the other shore; perfection

The Heart Sutra and the Diamond Sutra are essential reading for those who practice Buddhism. Over the past thirteen centuries, however, the larger work to which they belong has been available only in Chinese. Now, for the first time, English speakers can access the first twenty fascicles of The Great Prajna Paramita Sutra, regarded as the largest canon in Buddhism.

The Great Prajna Paramita Sutra demonstrates how one can become a bodhisattva — and eventually a Buddha — transcending self-interest to reach a state of emptiness, selflessness, and nonattachment. Regardless of where you are on the path to enlightenment, you’ll be nourished by the parables and dialogues within.


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