Grow Your Stock Exchange with Futures and Options: A Guide to Understanding These Financial Instruments


Charlie Rubin has been CEO of both stock and futures brokerage firms. Previous to that, he held senior management positions at stock and futures/commodity exchanges. He was responsible for the modification of the New York Stock Exchange settlement system that became the system for the New York Futures Exchange. Over the past fifteen years, he has delivered workshops and consulted on a variety of securities and commodities topics for exchanges in developing countries.

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Financial and commodity futures and options can greatly enhance and grow stock exchange activity. Likewise, these products improve the overall condition of a country’s financial community and economy. The material in this book is both introductory and comprehensive, starting with the basics and expanding into the many practical and business applications for futures and options.

Growing Your Stock Exchange with Futures and Options illustrates how these exchange-traded financial instruments benefit all customers: speculators and hedgers, portfolio managers, corporations, farmers, food wholesalers, oil producers, and others who deal in buying or selling securities and other commodities. It also discusses the risks and concerns associated with these derivatives.

Drawing on his broad professional experience, Mr. Rubin is available for consultation and implementation of these financial products tailored to the specific needs of stock and commodity exchanges.


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