How I Met My Mother: And the Four Brothers I Never Knew I Had


Charles Cornacchio is a television producer. Nominated for two New York Emmy Awards and winner of seven Telly Awards, he has also written, hosted, and produced several TV programs in the New York television market. He has been a sports anchor and broadcaster for twenty-three years.

An accomplished musician, Charles received an Axiem Award for an original composition honoring the first responders after 9-11. He has served on the boards of various nonprofit organizations and volunteered his time for the Anderson Center for Autism, the Southern Dutchess Chamber of Commerce, Make-A-Wish, the Goldberg Center, the American Red Cross, and many others.

He is the father of four children, has eight grandchildren, and lives with his wife of forty years, MaryAnn, in Highland, New York.

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How I Met My Mother is the true story of how seemingly random and unrelated incidents nudged a son towards an amazing reunion with his biological mother.

Living his life wondering who his real parents were while unaware that he was working directly across the street from his biological father is just one of the many uncanny coincidences described in this book.

This is the story of a reunion that happened in the most unconventional way—a reunion that answered years of questions and speculations, and changed several lives forever!

Not knowing his history or heritage for almost four decades, Charles Cornacchio’s past was suddenly revealed.

For anyone who wonders what “could have been” if life took a different turn, this is a must-read!

For anyone who has been adopted and always fantasized about meeting their biological parents, this is a must-read!

For anyone who enjoys a true story, peppered with unbelievable circumstances, this book is a must-read!

How I Met My Mother … And the Four Brothers I Never Knew I Had is the story of a reunion thirty-eight years in the making. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what might have been if life had taken a different turn, Charles’s tale of family and destiny will capture your imagination.


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