King of Doubt


Peter Gibb is an author, writing teacher, editor, coach, and speaker, committed to spreading the joys of memoir and mindfulness. Please visit him at

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In a small town on the west coast of Scotland, five-year-old Peter Gibb trades his soul to the devil in a futile attempt to win the approval of classmates, teachers, and parents. Follow the story of Peter’s humorous but desperate struggle to find a way out of the dungeons of doubt. An insightful tale of lost and found, King of Doubt grips you with tension as it warms you with heart. Anyone who has ever struggled with self-doubt — and who among us hasn’t? — will see themselves in these pages. This moving story, one man’s journey from doubt to wonder, will fill you with hope and promise. The story rivets your attention to the final word, while the beauty of the language still sings long after the reading.


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