Between the Lines…Beyond the Pain


Dawn Forman lives with her husband, Charlie, in California. She spent eight years living as a missionary in Marseille, France. Besides being a writer, she is a teacher, mother, and a grandmother. She loves music, baking, and all things French.

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Like death, pain will come to us all. No one can choose not to experience pain; our only choice is what we will do with it.

We have all experienced pain and suffering. How we choose to deal with it will determine our path, and to a great extent, our level of happiness.

In Between the Lines … Beyond the Pain, author Dawn Forman profiles the journey of four people’s lives — most prominently, her own — and the different paths that their pain led them down. While some were paralyzed by their brokenness, others found a way to go beyond the pain and turn those broken pieces into a mosaic to add to the beauty of this world.

This meaningful and inspirational book will help you discover that sometimes you can find the best in life even in the midst of the worst life has to offer.


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