Ocean Depths: A Darkness


C. L. Sherman spends her time with her horses, target shooting, viewing the heavens from her husband’s telescopes, tending her beautiful gardens, swimming, and taking her collie to the beach in Coronado. She also enjoys art, playing her grand piano, and of course, reading.

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California teen Callista (Calli) Ann Sunders has loved the ocean her entire life, enjoying her carefree days swimming and surfing with her twin brother. She’s always felt a mysterious pull toward the sea.

But one day her beloved ocean turns on her. A disastrous car accident lands her in the water where she nearly dies . . . until a mysterious stranger saves her.

While recovering from her accident, Callista learns some stunning information. She is part Selkie, and her family has a long history with the infamous god, Triton—the very being who rescued her from drowning.

As Callista discovers the story behind her true past, she is slowly transforming into something other than human and falling in love. Meanwhile, forces are at work to separate her and her new love and create havoc in the ocean’s depths. Succumb to this fantastical tale of love and intrigue above and below the earth’s surface.


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