Overqualified/Underqualified: What Will Your Education (and Life Experience) Be Worth to You?


Wes Waddle is a motivational speaker, adjunct professor, and real estate instructor who is also active in military affairs. He lives near Phoenix, Arizona, and can be reached at http://www.weswaddle.com This .is his first book.

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This question can bring out the imagination and limitless potential of us all.

Wanting to find out what the experts think, author Wes Waddle asked university professors for their experiences. He found people with college degrees in the area of what they “want to do when they grow up” who were unable to find a job of their choosing. They were often classified as “overqualified” or “underqualified,” as the author himself was once labeled. After graduating from college with a teaching degree and obtaining his pilot license, Waddle was told that he was overqualified to be a supervisor and underqualified to be a manager. This motivated him to guide the next generation of students so they would never be categorized as such.

Not a how-to book, but rather a what-to-do book, Overqualified/Underqualified will help you discover what to do—at any age. Waddle looks at the issues of education, life planning, and career planning to guide students, counselors, parents, community leaders, and adults on the ethical and monetary value of their education and the different factors that pertain at different life stages.

In Overqualified/Underqualified, Waddle addresses:

  • the true purpose of a degree
  • how values and working for a worthwhile cause play into your career choice
  • when you don’t get the job after an interview
  • alternative education at all levels
  • the “D-I-M-E-S Make Dollars Theory”—how to combine Desire, Inspiration, Motivation, and Enthusiasm for Success
  • and more

Uplifting and inspirational, Wes Waddle’s basic guidelines for education and life help students find career fulfillment and better prepare themselves for the constantly changing world.


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