Piping for High-Pressure Boilers: The Installation and Inspection of High-Pressure Boiler Piping for Code Compliance with the ASME and National Board Code Requirements


Steve Kalmbach has been involved with the boiler repair industry for over forty-five years and has owned and operated his own boiler repair company for thirty years. His company currently holds an ASME “S” and “U” certificate of authority. The ASME “S” certificate of authority allows his company to install welded and threaded piping in compliance with the jurisdictional requirements. His company also holds a National Board “R” certificate of authority for repair work.

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Piping for High-Pressure Boilers provides installers and boiler inspectors with the knowledge to determine if boiler installation is safe and code compliant. It covers the installation of high-pressure boilers of the vertical, horizontal fire-tube, and water-tube styles. Drawings and helpful charts explain the code limits and the materials and requirements for installing piping within the code limits.

Inspectors can feel confident using this reference material when performing their required inspections for code compliance and safety. Topics covered in this book include: what an ASME certificate holder is, what ASME certificate is required to install welded and threaded piping, the definition of boiler external piping (BEP), what the installation requirements are for installing multiple boilers with a common steam line connection, what feedwater piping is subject to the BEP requirements, and what the specific requirements are for the installation of blowoff piping.

Piping for High-Pressure Boilers is not a replacement book for the code, but is supplemental material presented in an easier format for installing and inspecting high-pressure systems to ensure safety and code compliance. Whether you are dealing with multiple large water-tube boilers located in a hospital or a small single vertical boiler in a dry cleaning shop, this book addresses specific designs and provides information for application.


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