Play Winning Tennis with Perfect Fundamentals: Book One


Julio Yacub, MEd, BS, is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and holds a master’s in education and a BS in biochemistry with specialties in DNA research and human movement. He was a world ranked professional tennis player and a former member of the Israeli Davis Cup team. For the last eighteen years he has been coaching and helping hundreds of tennis players achieve their tennis dreams.

Julio’s driving-force motto, “every day is to improve,” takes him all around the world to participate in tennis workshops and conventions, constantly acquiring new knowledge and then passing that knowledge on to his students.

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With dynamic drawings, easy to follow diagrams, and written in outline form, Play Winning Tennis with Perfect Fundamentals focuses on a variety of principles to improve the quality of your game.

This book is designed for beginners to tournament-level players who are looking for self-improvement through a visual learning method and simple words, without cutting corners.

Play Winning Tennis with Perfect Fundamentals will show you:

  • How to move like a pro
  • How to anticipate
  • How to create different spins
  • How to produce powerful shots


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