Ready? Set? Go!: How Parents of Prodigals Can Get On with Their Lives


Judy Hampton

Judy Hampton is a contributing author of more than twenty-five books, including Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman’s Soul and the Kisses of Sunshine series (for Women and Grandmas). Her first book, Under the Circumstances, comes with an eleven-week Bible study.

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In the Bible, a prodigal is someone who has walked away from God. Some are openly rebellious. Others are just passively indifferent to the things of God. If you are the parent of a prodigal, chances are you feel heartbroken. You’ve put your life on hold. You’ve tried everything, but nothing works. You’re weary of the gut-wrenching pain, and you’ve run out of answers.

Judy Hampton has both lived as a prodigal and experienced the trials of attempting to help a prodigal child. With warmth and compassion, she offers solid advice on how to stop enabling bad behavior, give your child to God, and get on with your life.


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