Retail: The Other Side of the Counter


David Childers

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Most people who have only been on the customer side of the retail counter have no idea what sales clerks and others in retail go through on a daily basis. But they should. After all, it’s hard to be empathetic when you have never walked the walk. In Retail: The Other Side of the Counter, author David Childers gives every customer this opportunity. Reflecting on his many decades spent in the retail industry, he shows through humorous examples that most retail workers are hard working individuals, not servants for customers to belittle. By pointing out humorous and outrageous examples from his own experiences, Childers hopes that you, the customer, will take a kinder eye towards the person serving you. For the retail or service employee, he hopes to put a smile on your face, and get a nod of approval when you say, “Oh yeah. I’ve been there.”


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