Searching for Elock


Starber was Tibby’s best friend. Above is the author and his best friend, Kim, a United States trained Army sentry dog. Carl Kegerreis was drafted into the United States Army and graduated from the Army Fort Knox Military Police Training School in March 1962.

Kim and Carl Kegerreis trained at the United States Lackland Air Force Base Sentry Dog School in San Antonio, Texas, and were transferred to the Army Nike Missile Base in Dillsboro, Indiana, protecting the missiles underground on tripods during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Carl Kegerreis worked on the CSX Transportation Railroad for thirty-three years, retiring in 1999 after becoming the division’s chief of police. He lives in Ohio with his wife of fifty-five years and has three children and five grandchildren.

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Eleven-year-old Tibby Brawlien has had a crazy summer. With the help of Elock, a strange-looking creature Tibby saw in his dreams, he and his new friend Fogel Jarker rescued a brother, his sister, and their parents from cave people. Tibby — with Elock’s help — made Fogel, who was the meanest bully in school, Tibby’s friend.

But was Elock actually a dream?

Another adventure begins when Tibby decides that Elock exists in the real world. To find him, he and his friends must enter a dangerous cave, contend with the cave people who live there, and get out before a nearby volcano erupts. Tibby believes they can deal with any challenges that come their way — but what will happen when they finally meet Elock face-to-face?


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