Shootout at Miracle Valley


William R. Daniel

William R. Daniel was born and raised in the Midwest. He helped pay for his college education by working as an investigator for a nationally known detective agency. Daniel has a journalism background and covered several Presidential elections. As an award winning photographer his pictures have appeared in Time Magazine, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and other prominent publications worldwide. He covered the Contra-Sandinista war and traveled extensively in Honduras and Nicaragua.

For fifteen years William and his wife Betsy owned a media company that serviced Fortune 500 companies. The company produced video, documentation and software solutions. Daniel is a screenwriter and resides in Tucson, Arizona. Shootout at Miracle Valley is his first book.

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A little over one hundred years after the legendary shootout at the OK Corral, a radical South Chicago preacher named Frances Thomas moved to Miracle Valley, Arizona. She brought not only her congregation, but also a dangerous cocktail of fanaticism, faith healing, bigotry, and dynamite. Believing that God had called her to take over Miracle Valley, Pastor Thomas and her cult of followers set out to do just that—with explosive results.


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