These are stories that a very old man remembers. They could not have happened to anyone else.

Professor Alain Corcos is a native of France. He came to the United States twice—first as a member of the French Air Force in November 1944 after escaping from Vichy France three months before D-Day. He came back to the States as a student earning a PhD in plant breeding and taught the nature and philosophy of science for twenty-six years at Michigan State University. He has written many scientific articles and three books published by university presses: The Myth of Human Races, The Myth of the Jewish Race, and Gregor Mendel’s Experiments on Plant Hybrids, which, years after its publication, became a very important contribution to the history of science. Professor Corcos is also the author of the Little Yellow Train (the story of his escape from France during World War II) and six other books, including The Folly of War.