Spice Empire: The Arab Culinary Tradition in the West


William Ross Newland is the Managing Director of The Delian Group, a risk advisory firm that specializes in Latin America. He is a world traveler and an avid cook. His passion is trying to recreate his foreign culinary experiences at home in his kitchen.

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Most people are blissfully unaware of the origins of their food, but not William Ross Newland.

Fascinated by culinary anthropology and having a chronic love affair with new flavors and textures, Newland travels the world discovering culinary wonders that often took centuries to matriculate through Arab conquest. His favorite? The street food and comfort food eaten by locals on a daily basis.

For Newland, food is much more than eating. It is about planning, cooking, and sharing. Food is the centerpiece while human interaction generated by the meal is the main event.

Follow this short narrative to some of Newland’s favorite recipes — flavors that began in the Fertile Crescent, spread throughout the Mediterranean during the Ottoman Empire, and went on to Spain and eventually Mexico. Enjoy!


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