Summer Memories in Yellowstone Park: Vignettes of a Ranger Family with Inquisitive Little Girls, 1954–1955


E. Jacquelyn Kirkis is the author of two other works of nonfiction, The Man Who Put the Lights Along Route 66 and Sammy Goes to Beirut. She has an accomplished professional background in microbiology, nursing, and medicine and is a recognized leader in preventive healthcare. Kirkis took a hiatus from the medical field for three years to become a teacher and develop and instruct kindergarten classes. In addition to her scientific, academic, and literary accomplishments, she is also the proud mother of three daughters — all successful in their own professions.

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The decade after World War II epitomized an America filled with hope and idyllic images of peace and prosperity. With the horrors of war relegated to the past, families returned to the business of living the American dream. For a school teacher fascinated by math and science, his resourceful wife, and their three curious daughters, that dream meant a summer filled with the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the allure of wildlife, and the experience of not only enjoying the landscape, but becoming part of it. Their story is of a time and country long forgotten by contemporary society — until now.

Summer Memories in Yellowstone Park: Vignettes of a Ranger Family with Inquisitive Little Girls, 1954-1955 by E. Jacquelyn Kirkis chronicles what life was like for one intrepid family exploring American’s West before computers, cell phones, and the Internet. From petrified trees and steaming geysers to black bears and grazing buffalo, the family’s adventures are compellingly documented in this rare look at a storied national treasure that has been irretrievably changed by the passage of time and the relentless march of human impact. The photographs and anecdotes not only tell the story of an American family that has grown up and moved on, but also of an idyllic America that no longer exists.


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