The Art of Professional Connections: Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining


Gloria Petersen is founder and president of Global Protocol, Inc., the premier resource for personal performance enhancement and professional leadership development. Since 1985, thousands have learned to project personal power, poise, and presence to attain success in business. With her guidance, individuals have built self-confidence and promoted a dynamic business culture based on teamwork, relationships, and productivity. Audiences are energized by Gloria’s down-to-earth style because she inspires them to take control of their careers and to serve as role models for others. Her customized seminars, workshops, and training programs have a proven track record for teaching individuals how to develop the social intelligence necessary to inspire, lead, and succeed. These are the ultimate business skills for building long-lasting relationships with coworkers, management, and customers. Her seminars and training programs introduce techniques for projecting confidence and controlling difficult business situations.

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The fourth book in The Art of Professional Connections series, Event Strategies for Successful Business Entertaining addresses the basics of organizing business events—everything from cultural events and sporting activities to educational conferences and trade shows. You will learn what you need to know about staging, hosting, and participating in events. It will guide you step by step from the initial planning stages to the last and most important step afterward: the debriefing. It will make you comfortable being the host or being a guest, being a participant or merely a spectator. Most importantly, this book and all the books in The Art of Professional Connections series are about being prepared, about creating the right conditions and the best atmosphere for solidifying relationships with clients, customers, prospects, and employees.


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