The Best Bridge Book: A Terrific Learning Tool for All Levels of Play


Linda Tafet was born in the Bronx, NY. In 1964, she graduated from Hunter College in New York and began a teaching career that lasted thirty-one years. After retirement in 1995, she moved to Florida. She hopes this book will help many people to become better bridge players.

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When Linda Tafet injured her shoulder and could no longer play golf or tennis, she found a new passion in the game of bridge. She took lessons, and the more she learned the more fascinated she became with the game. Every time she learned something new, she would condense it into her own words on a small index card. Soon, these cards became a stack, and then she combined the stack into a small three-ring binder. When her bridge friends saw what she was up to, they asked her to make them binders as well, and pretty soon she found herself in the handmade book-making business, selling each book for $75 each.

After selling more than five hundred of these books, Linda decided she was working too hard and could reach more bridge players if she published her book. The Best Bridge Book is a compilation of her original handmade book, now produced as a paperback. Larry Cohen, a very good friend of Linda’s and one of the best bridge teachers in the world, edited her book, ensuring that each lesson is correct and easy to follow. Now all bridge players from beginners to advanced can enjoy and learn from Linda’s book.


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