The Education of Adam Speaker: A Philosophical Adventure


Richard Dance has lived a full life as an oilfield worker, world-touring musician, real estate developer, humanities professor, and philosophical counselor. He has written books on philosophy, mythology, and consciousness studies. Richard now lives in Phoenix, AZ, and composes music for the film/TV industry. He occasionally guest lectures at various colleges, symposiums, and retreats.

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“The author paints a compelling picture of humanity’s struggle on a quest to find purpose and deeper meaning. By the time you’re done reading this book, you will have a transcendent awareness of what it’s like to possess the modern-day wisdom of the Oracle of Delphi, the supreme humility of Lao Tzu, the compassion of Jesus, and a non-duality of the Buddha all at once.”

— Said Elias Dawlabani, Author of The Light of Ishtar and Memenomics

The Education of Adam Speaker is an imaginal dialogue on the subject of Classical Eastern and Western philosophy.  It is the story of a young man, Adam, who through his own doing, loses his fantastic girlfriend, hard-earned fortune, jet-set lifestyle, and as a result, his self-confidence. Stunned and depressed, he unexpectedly meets a mysterious man who picks him up hitchhiking and leads him on a self-knowledge journey down a beautiful beach highway in Florida. In the adventure, this insightful guide introduces Adam to strange characters representing nine of the world’s greatest Perennial Philosophers. Through a series of fascinating conversations, these wise teachers reveal to Adam the startling deeper purpose of what has happened to him.


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