The Hero’s Journey in Film: A Mythic Reading of Twelve Hollywood Movies


Richard Dance has lived a full life as an oilfield worker, world-touring musician, real estate developer, humanities professor, and philosophical counselor. He has written books on philosophy, mythology, and consciousness studies. Richard now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and composes music for the film/TV industry. He occasionally guest lectures at various colleges, symposiums, and retreats.

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The Hero’s Journey in Film interprets twelve Hollywood movies in a mythical context, using Joseph Campbell’s model of the hero’s journey: Departure-Initiation-Return. It also weaves in concepts from the related fields of archetypal psychology and perennial philosophy. The book is highly useful . . .

  • As a text for teaching classes on the hero’s journey model, appropriate for advanced high school, undergraduate, graduate, corporate leadership, and continuing education programs.
  • For writers, screenwriters, and others generally interested in stories portraying the stages of the hero quest.
  • For counselors, therapists, psychologists, and others in the helping professions who need a fresh approach to working with clients in the midst of major life change.
  • For anyone needing a practical guide to personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual transformation, beyond the confines of traditional counseling and religion.


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