The River Quickens


Bill Poole lives a quiet life in small town Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of an old school in New York State. He has pursued many interests in his life; some having received a murmur of approval, most the silence of indifference. He draws on all his experiences to create his works of fiction.

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Set in the year 2000, yet nostalgically focused on a simpler time of all male student bodies and simpler rules of conduct, The River Quickens is a witty and charming romp through the peccadilloes, egos, and shenanigans of life in a small college town in upstate New York.

As the twenty-first century encroaches on Talcot College, whether through virtual education, the hacking of admissions records, or even a secret lottery bonanza, the denizens of Talcot College and its surrounding village fumble and bumble to a Wagnerian and almost triumphant resolution of differences.


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