The Wrights of Vermont: Searching for My Father’s Family


George T. Wright is a retired English professor who lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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When my sister and brother and I were growing up on Staten Island, Dad told us very little about his Vermont boyhood, and nothing at all about his father. We respected his silence. We figured he had good reason for it. But long after Dad’s death, my sister and I started to look more closely at our family history. Soon we were connected to a world of New England striving and struggle that we came to see as part of our own Vermont heritage.

So this is the story of Dad and his mother and brother, and his unreliable father, and his father’s five sisters, whom we’d known nothing about before we began our research. It pays tribute to an everyday heroine, Dad’s mother, who took her sons to Staten Island to begin a new life when her marriage failed. It also traces earlier Wrights (and forebears with other surnames, like Little, Bailey, Hadley, Hathaway, Shattuck, Blanchard, and Burt) in towns all over Vermont (and New Hampshire and Massachusetts), some of them with their own compelling stories—farmers, soldiers, railroad men, miners, housewives, and keepers of inns and hotels.

These are my Wrights of Vermont.


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