Drawing from her own experiences, Grandma Mac offers useful advice to young teens in this short booklet. Thoughts for “Didn’t Ask to Be Born” New Teens is a great tool for parents and grandparents who need a humorous and entertaining way to share age-old wisdom with their young teenage children and grandchildren.

Grandma Mac’s advice is designed to help young teens make the right decisions in life so that they will choose the “Up Road” rather than the “Down Road,” such as:

  • Smile and say “hello” instead of frowning and looking down
  • Learn all that you can
  • Be a hero by sharing good advice to a younger kid
  • Apologize when you’re wrong and don’t blame others
  • Always say thanks when someone does something nice

Grandma Mac wrote and illustrated this booklet in red, white, and blue to honor the freedom we enjoy as US citizens to make the right decisions.