Three Biological Myths: Race, Ancestry, Ethnicity


Professor Alain F. Corcos taught nature and philosophy of science for twenty-six years at Michigan State University. He has written many scientific articles and three books published by university presses: The Myth of Human Races, The Myth of the Jewish Race, and Gregor Mendel Experiments—on Plant Hybrids: A Guided Study. He is also the author of The Little Yellow Train, Four Short True Stories of a French Family, Who Is a Jew? Thoughts of a Biologist,  Atheism, Science and Me, and The Joys and Sorrows of Teaching Sex and Genetics.
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By the end of the twentieth century, biologists and anthropologists concluded that there are no human races. In Three Biological Myths: Race, Ancestry, Ethnicity, Professor Alain F. Corcos raises the question: What about ethnicity? Is it also a biological myth? He also asks a very important question in a time when people are busy looking for their roots: What did your ancestors transmit to you? The answers may surprise you.

Human diversity occupies much of the talk these days, but few know about the biological process — meiosis — responsible for that extreme diversity.  In Three Biological Myths: Race, Ancestry, Ethnicity, Corcos explains the process by which our extreme diversity occurs.


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