ThyroZone: Real Thyroid Solutions for Better Health and Better Living


Dr. John A. Robinson and Dr. Cristina Romero-Bosch have been practicing medicine since 2006. They bring their passion for healthy living and graceful aging to their patients every day at The Hormone Zone, their cutting-edge medical practice, located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Visit for more information.

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ThyroZone offers a revolutionary approach to thyroid disease, a disease that afflicts millions of people who are often left with no real solution to alleviate their pain and suffering. The truth is that the medical community has yet to understand the causes — or even the symptoms — of thyroid disease. This means patients have no strategy to address their disease or ways to optimize their health to provide any meaningful quality of living.

After years of development and experience, Dr. John Robinson and Dr. Cristina Bosch wrote ThyroZone to offer a medical solution to patients who are simply not being provided the answers they need and deserve about their thyroid and metabolism. The science-based ThyroZone system surpasses the typical advice and provides unique, practical instruction that offers real results. If you or a loved one have ever experienced a thyroid condition but have always been told the test results are “normal,” then this book is for you.


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