Tom Lyons has lived and traveled extensively in the Middle East, and has taken many overland trips to Asia, Africa, and South America. He has published two novels, Oink and Tune, along with two short story collections: Bent and Gone.  In addition, Lyons has produced the noted documentary Secret Egypt.

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It is the year 1967, the summer of love…. From the midst of tranquil suburbia to the radical streets of Boston, Tune starts off with a blast like a rocket, the capsule finally crash landing in Berkley. Haight-Ashbury, the commune in Marin, the dealers, the action, and our hero never misses a beat. He is part of the scene. Incredible events lead one to the next, the landscape surreal, and the characters bouncing one off the other. The peace that is sought belies the chaos of the now.

Catapulted by the times, driven by the ambition of great wealth, power, fame, and the promise of having it all, two lives cross in Beirut Lebanon and are forever changed. Set against the background of a country spiraling into a civil war, where together they had hoped to build an illicit empire, the action and intrigue heightens.

This is a compelling book from start to finish, taking the reader to places where they’ve never been, at a time when the world was getting turned topsy-turvy. Tune is an engrossing tale.


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