Author Rico Chamblain is a 27-year military veteran of an era spanning the outer edges of the Ho Chi Minh itty-bitty foot-stumpers to the suicidal cave dwarfs of the Taliban. Rico Chamblain, a creative writing graduate of the University of Arizona, has sprung forth a believable yet fictious autobiography that has captured the Black American military experience, the upward rising of UMM-GOWHA Black Power from the mid-fiddies America voiced within the poetic ritmo of an original language created by newly freed Blacks living the promised life along the Carolinas and Georgia shoreline islets. It is dubbed the Gullah language that be beautifully enriched sound-bites of Creole, Caribbean, English with African a’banging the step to your ear-drums. OG folk gonna holla “dat fool be talking geechee.” Unk’ Zeke’s Pond be a keeping it real the oral tradition of Black history not to be confused with his-po’dunk lying-story. Unk’ Zeke’s Pond be a great read to crest the fo’reallies truth of Juneteenth, dem Collard-greens as swell a footpath to shedding the p-funk of inner-city dwellings that will leave ya’ hungering for a straight-up Come here, Baby and talk Geechee to me!