Valley Studio: More Than a Place


E. Reid Gilbert and Jef Lambdin

E. Reid Gilbert: Before Valley Studio, Reid had pursued education with degrees from five colleges, culminating with a PhD in Asian Theatre. He served several years in the Methodist and Unitarian ministries. Teaching theatre in small colleges before VS, he then taught at Ohio State University from where he retired as Professor-Emeritus. Since then he directed a repertory theatre in West Virginia for ten years. Since then he has been writing theatre scripts and film scripts and has published five books. He claims his next book will be titled LIFE BEGINS AT 40 + 40.
Jef Lambdin: After studying with William Burdick and Peter Hoff at the Valley Studio in 1978, Jef returned to his work with North Carolina’s touring mime theater, TOUCH. He created and performed with TOUCH until 1993, when the troupe was dissolved. He then worked for the Durham Bulls Baseball Club creating and performing as their mascot, Wool E. Bull, until 1997. Since then he’s been performing at fairs and festivals as The InterACTive Theater of Jef, and sharing arts education residencies throughout the Southeastern U.S.

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Valley Studio was the home of the Wisconsin Mime Theatre and School in 1970s. For five years it was the headquarters for the International Mimes and Pantomimists. The instruction included many theatre movement genres. Performance tours ranged from the Midwest to the Southeast.

Valley Studio: More Than a Place is a collection of reminiscences from the participants, including their journeys after Valley Studio.


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