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Take the Pain Out of Publishing

Publishing a book can be a daunting process that takes time and energy away from doing what you love. There are many pitfalls to avoid that can kill your book’s chances of succeeding in an already-crowded marketplace.

Wheatmark can help you write, edit, design, publish, and distribute an exceptional book or eBook. We publish fiction and nonfiction titles in paperback, hardcover, and the five most popular eBook formats: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPad, Google Play, and Kobo eReader.

We help our clients sell their titles on Amazon.com, BN.com, Apple’s iBookstore, and all the other major online retailers. We also support them in their “back-of-the-room” sales and, where applicable, their sales to physical bookstores.

If you’re looking for a team of publishing professionals to take the pain out of the publishing for you, click here to tell us about your project.

Our Clients

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