19 07, 2017

It’s About the Reader

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When a book that we publish sells well, I always want to understand why, partly so that I can pass that information on to you. One book that's been selling well lately is Farmer Able: A fable about servant leadership transforming organizations and people from the inside out by Art Barter. The book is an extended parable that teaches the lessons of servant leadership, the form of leadership in which leaders exist to serve the people they lead. It tells the story of a farmer named Able and his transformation from a typical all-about-me power-reliant head of farm and family to a true servant leader. The story is told from the perspective of both the humans and the animals on Able's farm.  Even the wind, plants, and Earth are characters in the story. The author very effectively uses anthropomorphism and onomatopoeia to create much of the humor. I found myself [...]

12 07, 2017

New Book: Mental Remedies for Positive Thinking

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Tucson, AZ – July 12, 2017 -- Wheatmark, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Mental Remedies for Positive Thinking: Change Your Mindset, Transform Your Life! by Arisa J. Sharpe. This motivational book encourages its readers to think positively to improve their lives. Many people talk about surrounding themselves with positive energy and avoiding the negative energy. But this is easier said than done. Well look no further. Mental Remedies for Positive Thinking contains over three hundred affirmations that will help you focus on the positive energy within and transform you for everyday life. For more information about the book, or to schedule an interview with the author, please call Mindy Burnett at 520-798-0888 x100 or email About the Author: Arisa J. Sharpe (aka Ria), a native of Queens, New York, is known for her beautiful smile and giving heart. After graduating from Florida State University, she began a career [...]

11 07, 2017

Are you, too, missing this marketing tool?

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Almost everyone you meet these days has a smart phone. And while the smart phone is one of the greatest new marketing tools, this phenomenon is contributing to one of the greatest marketing failures people commit every single day. Let me explain: Any new person you meet at a business mixer or social event can, technically, just tell you their phone number or email and you can simply enter it into your phone on the spot, right? Or save it in a voice memo. So who really needs business cards these days? Additionally, you can just have them enter your contact info into their phones when you meet them, right? If only that were so easy…. For one, people you meet may not have time to give you their contact information and certainly no time to wait while you stumble around in your phone to open the right app. This [...]

3 07, 2017

What Defines Good Character?

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Tucson, AZ – July 3, 2017 -- Wheatmark, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Restoring Character in America  by Michael J. Kerrigan. This is the author’s third book about current events in America. What defines "good character" to the average American? Is it what one does when no one is looking? Is it moral certitude about one's actions? Is it courage? Is it compassion? Can it be taught? Restoring Character in America identifies the decline in character in our country, but then gives the reader hope for the future by showcasing leaders whose careers are successfully turning around this trend in our schools, communities, businesses, and the military. For more information about the book, or to schedule an interview with the author, please call Mindy Burnett at 520-798-0888 x100 or email About the Author: Michael J. Kerrigan, a self-described recovering lobbyist, after spending thirty-five years in the political [...]

28 06, 2017

Books for Writers and Readers

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Some of the books I’m reading, or have read lately, I can recommend, and highly, to writers and those aspiring to be published authors: Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction by Derek Thompson (Penguin Press, February 7, 2017). Fame sells books: Famous books sell, famous people’s books sell, and books about famous people and things sell. Without one of these three types of fame, making books sales can be a challenge. “Discovery” is the term of art publishing aficionados use to label the process of moving from obscurity to fame. But, how does an author get “discovered?” In this fascinating book Derek Thompson explains, and tells stories of how it used to work when gatekeepers, like the major publishing houses, had the power to decide who became famous. He also explores in depth how discovery has changed now that “there are simply too many gates [...]

28 04, 2017

Publisher Wheatmark Announces Release of New Western Novel

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Tucson, AZ – April 28, 2017 -- Wheatmark, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Beyond Bedrock by W. L. Jardine. This exciting Western tale follows the stories of three brave women as they face countless challenges. The Old West is a harsh place for women, even under the best of circumstances. But when Jenny, Belle, and Beatrice find themselves fighting desperate situations beyond their control, they show a caliber of strength that only the worst of times can bring out. Jenny witnesses the gruesome death of her parents. Belle escapes Baltimore's poverty while reluctantly leaving behind her quarantined mother. And Beatrice finds the courage to abandon her abusive father and hateful brothers. Their stories eventually intersect in Colorado, but not before they encounter a variety dangers and colorful characters, including Native Americans, former slaves, and a young runaway. They are determined to better their lives and, in doing [...]

20 04, 2017

Latest Autobiography a Journey of Courage

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Tucson, AZ – April 20, 2017 -- Wheatmark, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Underneath It All: A Collection of Memoirs by Margaret Hatcher. This book takes us on a journey from fear to courage through the author’s eyes. Margaret Hatcher was a wounded, wordless child who cried when her classmates made fun of her and put on a brave face for a mother who struggled with acute depression. As life presented her with new experiences, she slowly let go of her fearfulness, becoming an acclaimed educator who won numerous national awards, a national speaker, writer, and visual artist. Underneath It All: A Collection of Memoirs shows snapshots of her evolution: Flying out of a giant tree. A Long John Silver's out-of-body experience. Rehab with an ex-Marine. Honorable closure. Throughout, Hatcher shares her deep love of the places that formed and informed her, from a small town in Texas to [...]

15 03, 2017

The Power of the Reviewer’s Pen

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Periodically I call one of our authors with a better-selling book and chat with them about their book marketing efforts, and what they believe is responsible for their sales success. I had one such conversation recently with Janet Marthers (janetmarthers. com), the lead author of Follow Your Interests to Find the Right College (ISBN: 9781627872621). The book is different from other college guides in that it uses students’ interests, both academic and non-academics, as the primary tool to help them navigate the college selection process, and discover colleges and opportunities that they might otherwise overlook. If you or someone you know is evaluating colleges, I highly recommend that you check out this unique book. Follow Your Interests to Find the Right College was published in December of 2015. In March 2016 Forbes interviewed Marthers about the book, and she noticed an immediate spike in sales on Amazon. Shortly thereafter Library [...]

27 02, 2017

Tucson Festival of Books

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Tucson Happenings It is that time of year again where authors, readers, and publishers take over the University of Arizona campus to celebrate books and the art of writing. March 11-12, the Tucson Festival of Books will be in full swing, and if you have never attended before then this is your year! Since its Tucson debut in 2009, the festival has grown to one of the most notable book fairs in the nation boasting over 350 participating authors in presentations and workshops attracting a diverse range of attendees. Whether you are looking for programming for children and teens, panels by best-selling and emerging authors, culturally diverse programs, exhibitor booths or a variety of food options, there is something for everyone at the Tucson Festival of Books. This year, Wheatmark will be a featured exhibitor with several of our own authors joining us for the weekend. If you are planning [...]

26 01, 2017

Crime: Truth and Fiction

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Fans of crime fiction and true crime: I’d like to draw your attention to two award-winning authors who’ve recently published two exciting new books. Duke Southard is a First Place winner of the 85th Annual (2016) “Writer’s Digest” Writing Competition, a finalist of the 2016 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards, and a finalist of the 2015 Indie Publisher Next Generation Book Awards, to list just some of his accolades. Southard’s new book Cracks in the Wall (Wheatmark, 2016) is a suspense novel in the Parker Havenot Police Detective Series. The plot centers on the murder of a young mother of three in a quiet suburban town in what appears be an open-and-shut case. Detective Havenot, however, is not so sure, suspecting that the key to the murder lies somewhere in the victim’s past. This book is a fantastic fast-paced read from the first page to the surprising ending. Gregory [...]