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5 book marketing lies that stops authors from selling more books

April 09, 2014 by Grael Norton, Acquisitions Manager

book marketing problemsFiction authors are good at lying. Little lies and big lies that haven’t a speck of truth in them. Authors have no qualms filling their books with lies. They sugar coat their heroes with such virtues of talent, smarts and good looks that ordinary mortals step off the sidewalk to let them pass. Make way for superman and wonder woman! They describe their villains as malicious, scurvy folks that can be killed off with no more remorse than slapping a buzzing mosquito. 

Imagination is what authors call it, of course. No one thinks of an author as a liar. That is much too crass and negative a word to describe such literary flights of fancy. Creative flow and artistic license is a nicer, digestible term. And people buy those lies; they love them.  Who can stop with just one? They slap down money on the counter and walk off with the latest novel and can’t wait to escape into the lies and deception of the author’s latest creative endeavor.

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5 great places to give a book reading

March 31, 2014 by Sam Henrie, President

creating a book eventToday when most people think of book marketing the first thing that comes to mind is social media — building a mailing list and getting likes on Facebook and tweets on Twitter.  But surprisingly, the old fashioned methods of connecting face to face with live book events are as important as ever.

In fact, the connections made in person are stronger in many cases and can make a deeper, lasting impression. Shaking hands with a person, making eye contact and sharing a few minutes of conversation will create a more memorable bond than online connecting.

Definitely, it takes a bit more effort, and for the introverts among us, it may seem like a stretch out of the comfort zone. However, in many ways, meeting people in person can be a lot of fun and provide valuable feedback and encouragement that is limited when sharing 140 characters on Twitter or a three sentence photo comment on Facebook.

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What authors need to know before starting a crowd funding campaign

March 24, 2014 by Atilla Vekony, Vice President

creating a crowd funding planFirst-time authors as well as seasoned ones have successfully raised money through crowd funding. Campaigns have been funded that were as simple as $150 to pay for an inexpensive cover design and as complicated as over $49,000 to publish a coffee table book with glossy, colored pages. The main crowd funding sites used are Indiegogo, Kickstarter and Pubslush , although there are countless others.

Whether the amount is small or large though, crowd funding for a book has some hidden benefits that might be equally or perhaps even more important than raising money to pay for book printing and marketing costs.

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Should you hire a ghostwriter?

March 19, 2014 by Grael Norton, Acquisitions Manager

hiring professional writersA huge percentage of the American population wants to write a book. The numbers are staggering, something like 88 percent or higher. And with today’s technology, it is easier for most of these people to actually write a book and publish it themselves.

But here is the situation. Not everyone who wants to write a book should, at least not if they plan to sell it in bookstores. Writing for one’s family is a very different case than writing a book so that it competes with bestselling books on Amazon or sells to the general public.

Even though you may have a great story to tell, you may not have the technique to write it in a way that captivates the reader and draws them deeply into the drama you want to share. Recognizing that fact does not mean you “shouldn’t” write your own story, but it might be helpful to look at a few other ways to get your book published.

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Wheatmark Authors at the Tucson Festival of Books

March 14, 2014 by Grael Norton, Acquisitions Manager

Thought I’d give you a little more info about this weekend’s Tucson Festival of Books:

Last year more than 120,000 people descended on the UA mall. The Tucson Festival of Books is now the fourth-largest book festival in the country!

In just six years, the Festival has raised more than $900,000 for literacy in Southern Arizona. You can read more about the Festival’s impact on our state here:

Here are some of the Wheatmark clients who’ll be participating in workshops and panels this weekend:

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This Weekend: The Tucson Festival of Books

March 13, 2014 by Grael Norton, Acquisitions Manager

Just wanted to fill you in on some of the happenings at this weekend’s Tucson Festival of Books on the University of Arizona mall.

First, some of us at Wheatmark will be participating in a number of different workshops.

You can read about one of them, “From Book to Screen,” in a feature article in the Arizona Daily Star: 

Here are the details about the workshops we’ll either be participating in or moderating:

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An easy and simple way to find the hidden benefits in your book

March 10, 2014 by Sam Henrie, President

finding the hidden benefits in a bookBefore you can expect your book to sell one copy or a million, you need to know the benefits your book offers to readers.

Once you figure out the benefits, then you need to make that top benefit known on the front cover.

It’s up to you.

The reader has many books to choose from and unless your book jumps out with an interesting title, cover or special offer, the chance of it selling outside your immediate circle of friends is low.

Finding the top benefit of your book, whether fiction or nonfiction, is not easy.

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Sell more books with specific facts and information

March 07, 2014 by Grael Norton, Acquisitions Manager

discovering your books unique benefitsCan you name 12 specific facts about your book? 12 things your book does better than your competition? 12 reasons why someone should buy your book rather than another?

In the book, Author 101 by Rick Frishman and Robyn Freedman Spizman, the authors explain why specifics outsell generalities. “When you’re competing in such a crowded market, tell potential buyers the precise benefits they will get from your book.”

A general statement may appeal to a general audience, but general audiences do not buy books. Specific people with specific needs, wants and desires do.

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The importance of sharing valuable tips and information from other authors

March 04, 2014 by Grael Norton, Acquisitions Manager

giving credit and appreciation to other authorsWhen writing your blog posts, you can often find great ideas from other blogs in your genre. For this article, I was looking on Alltop and I found a great post by R. J. Adams about using quotes from your book and combining a quote with an image to share on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Not only did the article provide a great idea but it listed 11 sites that you can use to make these images.

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to grab Adams’ material and rewrite it into a new article. But it’s perfectly legitimate to use it as a springboard to a new article with a link back to the article that inspired you, and the author will appreciate the sharing.

This article here is not about using quotes to promote your book, but rather about using other blogs and articles to inspire your own ideas. At the same time, finding a great article like that on the quotes was so rewarding that I wanted to find a way to share it with a fresh angle.

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Why authors should use Google Hangouts on Air

March 03, 2014 by Atilla Vekony, Vice President

authors using hangouts for book marketing successGoogle Hangouts on Air is a type of video call that operates like your own private television broadcast talk show. You can have up to ten people participating on the call with as many as 5,000 live viewers submitting questions via text chat. Once the show is completed an automatic YouTube video is published.

For authors, this can be a great way to build up weekly or monthly content as well as deepen connections with your target audience. A recent article on Forbes reported that the reach of video “over white papers, case studies, even live demos with reps” was significantly higher in how audiences choose to absorb new content.

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