Remember the freelance writer who shared 10 reasons why she didn’t want to write. Well, surprisingly she has had a change of heart after settling down and meeting her latest deadline, and she has shared this list.

10 reasons why I am going to write today:

1. Surprise! I like to write. I really do. Once I get started, everything else fades around me and I lose myself in my writing. Don’t disturb me —  I’m writing!

2. My writing is improving. It is not happening overnight, but when I compare how I write today with how I wrote last year, I see a big improvement. In fact, when I use the “Spelling and Grammar” check on Word, it doesn’t find nearly as many mistakes as it used to. Apparently that little checker has been teaching me along the way.

3. I’m staying more connected with my friends. I have a blog and when I write posts, I get comments and feedback that is very positive.

4. Writing gives me an excuse to research topics that I am interested in.  I am learning so many things simply because I have to write something new and interesting all the time. It’s like a game. What shall I write about next?

5. The more I write and put it out on the Internet, the more I am building exposure. It is amazing. I search for my name on Google and it shows up!

6. Remember I said I hated deadlines? Truthfully, deadlines are the only way I get things done. I need deadlines. I may not love them when I get behind, but I accomplish so much more with them than without.

7. Writing helps to clarify my thinking. It doesn’t have to be self-reflective journaling. Even writing articles, blog posts and another chapter for my next book is a way to connect with my inner self.

8. Writing is making me an expert; at least it is making me more of an expert. Thinking, researching, reading, sharing and getting feedback work together to expand and enrich what I am doing in my field. In just a year’s time, I am more solid than ever in what I write about.

9. I have greater confidence in my ability to write well. I am no longer afraid to write about subjects that once seemed out of my reach. I may not be the best writer out there, but I’m a far cry from the worst one. And I can improve by writing and writing and writing.

10. My goals seem more attainable than ever. Writing is such a great way to move forward in almost any field I want to excel in. I am glad that I am a writer and I am going to write today and tomorrow and the day after that.

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