Publicity does not have to be big to make an impact on book sales. Something as simple as leaving a comment on a blog post with a link back to your book can be the start of a publicity campaign.

Here are 5 simple ways that you can publicize your book in less than five minutes.

1. Create an email signature that promotes your book. It can be as easy as writing the title of your book with a link to Amazon or your website. You can add a simple statement such as, “Read my new book.”

2. Write a quick comment to a blog post with a link back to a page on your website about your book. If your comment is interesting enough for people to want to know who you are, they will click through and find out about your book(s).

3. Send a fun note about your book to family members and friends. All grassroots marketing should start with those closest at hand and the most open to hearing from you. Ask if they will share with their friends and help you to spread the word.

4. Leave a comment on your Facebook page about something relating to your book. Show off the cover or talk about a book-signing event.

5. Pin the cover of your book on Pinterest. You may want to create a separate board for your book – including photos, maps, cartoons, anything that relates to your book or writing.

Authors sometimes feel that because they don’t have a big budget that they cannot promote their book effectively. In many cases using social media time and work can be more effective than throwing money into advertising or other paid for promotions.

Hand tailor your book promotion to what you can do, can afford and you will still see results. Persistence will pay off.