One easy way even the most introverted author can sell a few books is to write letters.

Here are seven different kinds of letters you can write. With each letter include a bookmark or business card, handmade or professionally printed, that includes the title of your book, a quote, and a link to your web site.

1. Friendship letters to family and friends. Share whatever is going on with your life and of course, part of that is your book! Talk about how excited you are about it. The challenges you are facing, the successes you have had and ask if they have any ideas to help you to promote your book.

2. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in response to an article that interests you. You don’t have to promote your book, just getting your name out there for a cause that is important may cause someone to check you out.

3. Write a thank-you letter to someone that has done you a favor or is someone you admire. Thank you letters can be short and sweet but will make someone’s day and cause you to be remembered as well!

4. Write a praise letter to the owner of your favorite restaurant complimenting them on their menu, service, or promotion of a cause. Write a letter of praise to your mayor, business leaders, or anyone in your local community that you admire. A letter of praise is a great way to make new friends in high places even if only casually.

5.  Write a letter to other authors you admire. Become a fan and perhaps they will become a fan of yours in return. At the very least, it will make you feel good to build someone else up who is in the same profession you are. Your letter may be just what they need on a cloudy day! Another bonus is that you will find in sharing about how you value them as a writer is that it will clarify your own appreciation for the writing profession.

6. Write a letter to a bookstore. Thank them for carrying your book and be sure to tell them that you encourage your friends to shop at their store. A bit of good will mean they will think of you and your book the next time a customer comes looking for suggestions for a good read.

7. Write letters to your fans! Yes, real letters that you put a stamp on and send on their merry way. One enthusiastic fan can do amazing things. The closer your fans are to you the better and bigger your chance of eventual success will be. A short, simple letter of appreciation that takes you five or ten minutes might brighten up their day for a long time.

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