Recently I began an experiment to help in my writing endeavors. I’ve been writing a book about my quirky experiences working as a small town newspaper reporter, which I did for 10 years before moving to Tucson. I decided it might benefit me to see what others think about the project. So I started a blog. The idea was a little intimidating at first. I mean, did I really want the whole world reading my writing before it was edited, much less published?

But then it dawned on me. That’s the best time to have them read it! When they comment on the different stories I’ve posted, it not only gives me a feel for what people may be interested in, but it also gives me some feedback on what needs to be fixed, changed, deleated, etc. If they like it, they may become hooked and want to read the entire book once it’s published. Who knows? It may be generating a potential market for my book before the book is even completed.

Best of all, it’s motivating me to stay on task and to be more dilligent in completing the project.

So far I’ve just been announcing the blog posts on my Facebook profile; I still need to gain followers and start linking to other blogs.

Am I afraid of losing my content to someone else who may try to steal it and publish it under their own name? Nah! Being an author is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes money, time, and effort to become published and successful–even when you’re great. Who would want that headache?

I’ll keep you posted on my progress as it unfolds. Here’s my blog if you would like to read it and make comments.