There’s never a bad time to review your marketing strategies—both online and offline—and update them.

For next week’s Authors Academy presentation, we’ll dive into new, evergreen, and tried-and-true methods of marketing your book in your local community, online, and internationally. There’s a strategy for everyone!

Join us next Wednesday to learn more about:

• Working with local papers, radio stations, and podcasts to promote your book
• Creating online content to advertise your book
• Buying ad space to get your book out there
• and more!

Your host for the call is Wheatmark’s publishing consultant, Tia Lewis, who has worked in editorial both in the NYC publishing scene and self-publishing scene. In addition to her publishing experience, Tia has worked as a social media marketer and video editor.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity — just click on the following link now to register: