No one quite cuts to the bone about writer’s block better than Steven Pressfield in his book, The War of Art. Published over ten years ago it still remains a popular, no-nonsense book for getting writers to write.

It’s not about whether you are good enough writer to call yourself a writer. If you write you are a writer. The more you write the better you will write.

It’s not about how good a writer you should be or want to be. It’s simply: Are you writing now?

While dreams of sitting at home and writing a bestselling book is a common American dream, the reality of it is much more painful.

It’s not about “Are we having fun yet?” so much as are we “Still sticking to it.”

Jodi Picoult, the bestselling author of 16 books (and counting) puts in a solid eight-hour day from 7:30 in the morning until 2:30 pm locked away in her office writing and researching. That takes discipline. But before you whine that you don’t have that kind of time let me explain that for her first books she didn’t either. She found the time in five-, ten-, and fifteen-minute blocks she carved out while in traffic, waiting for a kid in front of the school, or stolen minutes while she ate lunch.

The subtitle for the War of Art is Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles.

Turns out the real war front is not finding the perfect publisher, marketing secret or publicity stunt, as it is sitting down and writing each and every day. No excuses. No complaints. No pity parties.

Rationalization is one of the biggest tools in the Enemy camp for Writer’s Block. Every author has their own personal excuses but Pressfield zeroes in on them all and debunks them without mercy.

So how does a book that simply debunks author excuses for writing become such a popular book for wannabe authors?

Because it’s true.

And . . . because it’s not all bad.

Pressfield supplies us with a writer’s mirror that reveals not only the blemishes, warts, and wrinkles of our writing fantasy, but gives us the shield and armor to break through and experience victory. To climb the mountain of our deepest desire and experience the exultation of seeing a dream become reality.

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