1977: The Year of Leaving Monsieur


Tobias Maxwell

From the author of Thomas (semifinalist, Lambda Awards 2003), The Sex and Dope Show Saga, 1983—The Unknown Season, and Homogium.

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1976 was a productive year for me. I landed small roles in film and television, appeared in a national commercial that brought in decent money, and garnered nothing but positive reviews as I went from one stage contract to another. With such strong momentum behind it, 1977 was sure to bring even more success.

Just one thing threatened to derail me: the man I affectionately called Monsieur. The one-year anniversary of our official breakup had come and gone but this breakup looked a lot like a relationship—a relationship always on the verge of becoming something again, fed by the crazy hope that Monsieur would come to his senses and realize his true love before him.

1977: The Year of Leaving Monsieur chronicles the coming to terms with a loss … the gradual letting go of an obsession.


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