30 Days at Sea: They say we’ll have some fun when it stops raining


Bev Pizzano was raised in a small Italian neighborhood in East Boston, Massachusetts. Her family, as well as the Dominican nuns, tried their best to instill in her a sense of “grace and poise.” She still chuckles at their lofty ideals. Shifting from her need for independence and her roaming nature, she settled into a career in human resources. Now retired, she feels she has spent most of her time teaching people how to get along. For the past thirty years, Bev has been an advocate for the elderly. She first started by visiting residents at nursing homes and then as a board member of adult day centers in Washington. Currently, Bev volunteers at an adult day club where she entertains and educates her captive audience. Since moving to Arizona, Bev has written an annual newsletter highlighting how she survives life in the desert, and more importantly, how she survives life in retirement. Her friends and family have suggested writing a book. She has obliged us.

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Join Bev Pizzano in her light-hearted, thirty-day adventure aboard cruise ship Rotterdam. From San Diego to Hawaii to the Polynesian and Marquesas Islands, Pizzano shares the daily antics of cruising in style through a series of emails that both inform and entertain her family and friends. Her goals are few: to avoid sea sickness and gaining weight, and to have fun while learning. Bev more than survives her thirty-day excursion—she thrives! 30 Days at Sea encourages others who are considering an ocean voyage to plan ahead, then toss that plan aside to enjoy being in the moment.


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