A Climate Vocabulary of the Future: Second Edition


Herb Simmens has had a varied and distinguished career planning for the future of our communities and society. He was the county administrator in Atlantic County, New Jersey when casinos were first legalized, a town manager of two New Jersey communities, and served as Executive Director of the New Jersey State Planning Commission for a decade. In that role, he led the effort to create New Jersey’s award-winning long-term smart growth plan.

Herb has also taught at two universities and served as executive director of two environmental nonprofits.

He helped secure the passage of the first declaration of a climate emergency in any American community in 2017 and created the philanthropic platform Planetphilia. He authored the first edition of A Climate Vocabulary of the Future in 2017.

He serves on the steering committee of the Healthy Planet Action Coalition healthyplanetaction.org.

He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University and also studied at the London School of Economics. He currently lives in Silver Spring, MarylandHis website is www.herbsimmens.com.

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“This book is a Science poem. It is An Act of Cognitive Mapping, a Great Clarification, an Inspiration, a Prophecy, a Utopian Science Fiction Novel, and a Spur in the Butt. We can create a Good Anthropocene, and this book helps us to understand how. Also: hilarious. Dive in and see.”

— Kim Stanley Robinson, Author of The Ministry for the Future

This second edition of A Climate Vocabulary of the Future offers a unique and compelling perspective on the climate crisis by providing the words to understand the emerging impacts and forces—psychological, economic, political, scientific, and technical—that will dominate our lives.

It skillfully explains with “a great combination of advocacy, wit, science, and policy”  more than one thousand terms, almost half newly created by Herb Simmens, and twice the number of terms in the original edition.

Readers will learn the importance of guilt per gallon, comfort rationing, heat hate, biotic genocide, transplant nations, carbonoscopy, and climatrarian, as well as the robin carbon hood tax, media omerta, climautocracy, intentional grounding, Friends of the Enemies of the Earth, and the Kardashian Climate Index. Simmens also offers dozens of new ideas to inspire action before it is too late to save ourselves from … ourselves.

A Climate Vocabulary of the Future includes a 2035 vision that cleverly weaves many of the entries into an exciting and hopeful narrative for how the world can truly restore a safe climate.

Use A Climate Vocabulary of the Future as a reference or as a creative way to learn the many dimensions of the climate crisis. Above all, use it to acquire the words, images, ideas, and actions necessary to thrive in a world increasingly dominated by climate concerns.


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